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Our pandemic buddies

Lillie and Dallas.JPG
Callie sleeping


Rescue pup

12 years old and still acting like a puppy. 
Lover of people, chaser of critters. Never off-leash, but does not care as long as she can go swim. Also, loves running on the treadmill, destroying balls, and eating lettuce.


Lillie's pandemic buddy

Dallas is ONE of the pandemic buddies Lillie shares her life with. There is also a Yorkie named Chewie and the kitty Ivy.


The Newbie



The Project Supervisor



Jasper & Freyja

The crew

Freyja is the lady in charge of this duo. She's beautiful and she knows it. Jasper does what Freyja says, except when it comes to sharing his favorite stuffed animals (he prefers them intact & Freyja likes to unstuff them). Together, these two wise-crackers find plenty of mischief and keep their pet-parents on their toes (we wouldn't have it any other way).

Our pandemic buddies: Our Team
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